Third Conference of the Euro-American Consortium for Promoting the Application of Mathematics in Technical and Natural Sciences, Albena, Bulgaria, June 20-25, 2011

The registration fee for the conference is 180 EUR (or equivalent in US dollars or leva) without postal expenses and covers the conference materials, welcome party, coffee breaks, office rent and equipment, social activities, and proceedings. It should be paid via bank transfer or credit card after acceptance and approval.

Please, note that the credit card payment option is not available for the present but we are at work to activate it. Please, stay tuned for the information about this option.

The following bank accounts (in leva, euro, or US dollars) are opened:

Central Cooperative Bank Plc,
branch “Yug", Bulgaria, 1612 Sofia, 23 Emine str.

in BGN  IBAN:  BG30 CECB 9790 10A2 1786 00
in EUR  IBAN:  BG44 CECB 9790 14A2 1786 00
in USD  IBAN:  BG82 CECB 9790 11A2 1786 00

BIC:      CECBBGSF                                                                                                 SWIFT:  CECBBGSFXXX

Beneficiary: DZZD “Euro-American Consortium for Promoting the Application of Mathematics in Technical and Natural Sciences” (abbreviated as DZZD EAC for AMiTaNS). "Participation fee for conference 3rd AMiTaNS’11".

For the convenience of the participants that are unable to make a bank transfer or a credit-card payment, a limited facility will be provided to pay in cash upon arrival.

All who are interested in attending the Conference please fill out the online Application form. This form will create an e-mail message. You have to click "send" in your e-mail client integrated with your browser. In case of problems please send the text version to e-mail